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Mekong Seafood Connection (MEKSEA) was set up in 2010 in the knowledge that Vietnamese seafood though among the top richest sources still has not made its name popularly known for the variety and quality to consumers worldwide.

We understand the shortest way to get Vietnamese seafood to the top ranks of the world is through the connection of various strengths from individual, capable producers by international standards and strictest control on quality and sustainability. On top of that is the commitment to more and more professional services so that customers from any corner of the world could put their trust into each order they place.

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  • Manage the whole production process by our conscientious and experienced Quality Control Experts

    Ki?m soát toàn b? quá trình s?n xu?t t? nguyên li?u ??u vào cho ??n thành ph?m b?ng ??i ng? chuyên gia ki?m soát ch?t l??ng ??c l?p, giàu kinh nghi?m và t?n t?m v?i ngh?.

  • Ensure the product is right quality, quantity, delivery time and always issue a Quality Guarantee Letter for each shipment we deliver

    ??m b?o ch?t l??ng s?n ph?m, tr?ng l??ng t?nh và th?i gian giao hàng tu?n th? theo nh?ng yêu c?u kh?t khe nh?t c?a khách hàng, lu?n lu?n phát hành m?t Th? ??m b?o ch?t l??ng cho m?i l? hàng mà chúng t?i cung c?p nh? là s? cam k?t m?nh m? nh?t v? ch?t l??ng s?n ph?m và uy tín c?a MEKSEA.

  • Keep in touch with customers in their own languages 24/7 with production progress, daily market information and solve arising issues

    Gi? liên h? v?i khách hàng trên toàn th? gi?i b?ng chính ng?n ng? c?a h? 24 gi? m?i ngày ?? ch? ??ng c?p nh?t v? ti?n ?? s?n xu?t ??n hàng và th?ng tin th? tr??ng ? Vi?t Nam.

  • Chúng t?i giúp

    Save time, travelling expenses and other expenditures when you buy products on your own and use outsourced inspection services

    Ti?t ki?m th?i gian, chi phí c?ng tác và các chi phí phát sinh khác khi b?n t? tìm ki?m nhà s?n xu?t ? Vi?t Nam và thuê d?ch v? ki?m hàng bên ngoài.

  • Earn more profits, approach more potential customers and diversify your product range thanks to our strategic cooperation with more than?100 producers for bulk purchasing, and combines various items into one single shipment

    Ki?m ???c nhi?u l?i nhu?n h?n, có thêm nhi?u ??i t??ng khách hàng m?i và ?a d?ng hóa các danh m?c s?n ph?m b?i vì MEKSEA bán giá c?nh tranh h?n do ??t hàng t? h?n 50 nhà ch? bi?n v?i s? l??ng l?n và kh? n?ng k?t h?p bán nhi?u s?n ph?m khác nhau trong cùng m?t ??n hàng.

  • Avoid unexpected risks while you are not regularly present in Vietnam to have a deep understanding about single producers

    Tránh ???c các r?i ro kh?ng mong mu?n khi b?n kh?ng th? có s? hi?n di?n m?t cách th??ng xuyên ? Vi?t Nam ?? hi?u r? t?ng nhà s?n xu?t và ki?m soát làm hàng.


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